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        1. About Guanye

          Shaoxing Shangyu Guanye Electrical Appliance Co.,ltd.

          Shangyu Guanye Electriacl Appliance Co.,Ltd.Is  one of the production of garden tools company in China,it is specializing in the production of electric chain saw,blower & vaccum,agrden shredder,lawn mover and DC product etc.

          The company was founded in 2007,adhering to the “innovation,quality,service,win-win”business philosophy,the company has continuously developed,and now has a complete & excellent management syster.The introduction and implementation of ERP management software,implementation and protection of the company's stability,high efficiency,long-term development of the strategic objectivesl;wiht advanced production integrity of product quality and consistency.

          Our company sincerely welcome the cooperation of domestic and foreign customers,we will provide the higher quality products and the most excellent services to you!

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          Tel:0086-575-82419051 82419052      E-mail:gt_sales1@gttools.cn 

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